The CranioSacral Therapy Collective Hobart


our shared vision

We are a collective group of practitioners based in Hobart (Tasmania) committed to
the practice of complimentary manual therapies.
The team comprises Geraldine Doyle, Arwen Dyer and Yutaka Wakamatsu.
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Our main focus as a team is the application of CranioSacral Therapy (CST).
CST is a gentle and safe hands-on manual therapy proven effective in bolstering resistance to disease, sustaining overall good health and alleviating a wide range of pain and dysfunction.
Our vision is to provide the general public an opportunity to receive the profound healing effects of CST by several qualified therapistsat the same time. 
We call this multi hands CST/SER. In addition to this service we each offer one-on-one sessions at our respective clinics in central Hobart, Tasmania.

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