Arwen, Yutaka and Geraldine combining their skills and presence during a session.

Arwen, Yutaka and Geraldine combining their skills and presence during a session.

Multihands CranioSacral Therapy (CST)

Multihands CST/SER treatment involves two or more therapists working with one client at a time.

There is usually 1 primary/lead therapist supported and assisted by the other therapists. The work is multi-hands as a team, all following what the client on the table needs. It is not 2 therapists with different agendas working at the same time.

This multihands approach offers the client a potentially deeper experience in a way that can only be done with the support of a group.

The therapists work together as a team and this enables them to be more perceptive to what is going on in the client’s body. The changes for the client often feel more significant than having a couple of single one on one CST treatments.

The deeper issues or causal factors of what is going on for the client can be addressed in this supported setting.

On a practical level more of the client’s body can be physically held if there is unwinding or releasing of tissue.

Multihands CST treatment is most beneficial with clients that have more complex health issues and may have plateaued with one on one CST treatment.

The dynamic of the multi-hands group of therapists can facilitate the client to get to a more elevated place in their mind-body-spirit connection. This can promote deeper healing with more lasting results.

The client moves from a place of unresolved issues and illness towards greater health, wholeness and fulfillment in life.

We currently offer CST/SER multi hands treatment at our South Hobart clinic by appointment only on Wednesday mornings.